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Why Join OALA?
OALA 15The Oregon Association of Latino Administrators was formed in April 2002 in an attempt to create a vehicle to support and mentor Latino administrators as well as Latino educators who aspire to become administrators in the state of Oregon.
We understand the growing challenges of teaching and administering in schools that are becoming increasingly more diverse. We also understand that it is important for our districts to be a representative of the communities we serve. Our vision to create a forum for Latino administrators and educational leaders that promote equity in leadership positions throughout Oregon cannot be solved without sufficient support.
We ask you to join us, now more than ever in order to address issues of the No Child Left Behind Act, cultural competency, closing the achievement gap and the countless concerns facing our districts.

OALA is membership driven, and we are dedicated to ensuring the educational success of all Oregon students.

Membership may provide:
1. A strong lobbying voice that is well respected by Oregon legislators including timely legislative updates affecting Latino student
2. Numerous professional growth opportunities including leadership symposiums, conference and panels and workshops
3. Mentorship, networking and professional development
4. Quarterly newsletter
5. Awards and recognition for your work as an educator
6. National representation in the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (ALAS)
7. Liaison with TSPC, ODE and Lewis and Clark
8. Information online through OALA's website and Facebook page

The OALA encourages each of you to become a member.

Initial Institutional Membership Application

Contact if you'd like to sign up as an first time institutional member. Renewals are sent out early fall.
OALA Scholarship
OALA 1OALA is proud to be partners with COSA in supporting our student leaders.

Each year COSA sponsors or assists in processing twelve $1000 college scholarships. These scholarships are given to Oregon high school seniors attending 2- or 4-year Oregon colleges.

The following is a list of each of the twelve scholarships:
* George Martin (1 scholarship)
* Joe Benninghoff (1)
* L.G. Wells (3) (One for Baker County)
* Wilma Wells (1)
* David Putnam (1)
* Oregon Association of Student Councils (2) (Given for outstanding leadership and service)
* Northwest Women in Educational Administration (2) (Given to females entering education field)
* Oregon Association of Latino Administrators (1) Given to deserving Latino student

Each scholarship application must be signed and endorsed by an active COSA member.

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